Full-stack developer building SaaS businesses
with Golang, Node.js and React.


I help small B2B SaaS products deliver value to their clients faster.

Unlike most developers that worry about the code they write, the abstractions they use, the frameworks they’ve chosen, I recognise the importance of all of these without making them my sole purpose. I focus on your target customers, I work with you on figuring out if we are shipping the right feature. I work with you on making sure that existing features and new features actually work and deliver value, not headaches.

Like any senior full-stack developer, I care for writing clean, readable and performant code. I care for tested code that avoids future breakage. I care for delivering on time. However, I understand that code is simply means to an end.

If you want a product:

… and you need a lead developer:

… then I can help.

Unlike other full-stack developers, I have significant founder, product management and operational experience from being CTO of a SaaS business (CrewFire). This helps me ensure you that we will build together matches business goals. I won’t waste time building stuff that your business doesn’t need.

What you can expect

When working together, you can expect me to:


Given the liberty of choice I will work with…

I bring to the table professional experience with…