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Choosing a fulfilling life

The importance in the title is on the word choose, because, yes, it’s a choice. I read many stories of people who visited X number of countries or did that big round the world trip and still continue to travel frequently getting told by people wishing for that kind of experience: “If only I could afford doing like you, but, yunno, not everybody can take 2-3 months of vacation”. Well my dear friend doing 75K a year with 2 cars in the driveway and a nice mortgage it’s your choices that have put you in this position, the good news is, you can start now to make choices bringing you closer to what you dream of.

Your tools for progress & success in life: Goal Setting & Focus (Part 1)

This is part one of a two part series: Part 1: Introduction & Goal Setting Part 2: Focus & Conclusion Constant goal setting and laser focus is something that, now I reflect on it, seems like an evident answer to how much I have advanced skills and career wise in the past two years, but, was mostly done naturally/by intuition up till now. I read, about six months ago, a really good book called “The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results” by Gary Keller and it talked almost entirely about those two items.

Your tools for progress & success in life: Goal Setting & Focus (Part 2)

This is part two of a two part series: Part 1: Introduction & Goal Setting Part 2: Focus & Conclusion Focus Focus is your secret weapon for removing a lot of the decisions and emotions from the process of you progressing towards your goals. Focusing on only one thing at the time not only makes your workload appear less intimidating but allows you to give 100% of your attention/concentration to the problem/activity at hand, in terms, leading to a high quality outcome than if you tried juggling with few things at the same tame, or, had that other thing on your mind bothering your.

On the importance on you physical health to your virtual world work

Health and more generally less technical subjects are not talked about that much among programmer (and more generally people working in front of a computer daily). Don’t you think this is a bit weird, the people who would get the most benefit out of good ergonomics and healthy habits are the least exposed to it. Although, this is changing slowly. As you may have came to realize, taking care of your body and health is central to your daily mental performance, focus and tiredness, in terms, impacting your happiness doing your work.

Prosty.io: Progress Report #1

Ho boy, what a week! You know what? I did it, I launched it: Prosty.io is live! Ok, it’s not as grand as I wanted it to be when I started this project 7 days ago, this is only a quickly put together landing page plus email list sign up. But, I said I would launch what I had on Friday and that’s me honoring what I said. I have a bunch more designed and coded up but it’s still missing a lot of work to be a fully functional application.