Full-stack developer building SaaS businesses
with Golang, Node.js and React.

Bringing sanity to growing Node.js applications

It seems like most of the content written and blogged about Node.js, even now, 6 years in, takes a really basic approach to showing you how to build applications. A lot of Node.js articles explain Express.js the leading web framework, the problem is, this framework is comparable to Sinatra in Ruby or Flask in Python or Silex in PHP. Good for small few pages website, basically gives you routing and an interface to HTTP but not much more.

Welcome to Hugo!

It’s been a little while I wanted to switch to a new bloging platform. My old solution was a tool a built myself (often unwise when a lot already exists) and was pretty basic. It got the job done, but did really have space for growth. I am now joining the ranks of people using the static website generator called Hugo. Advantages it encompasses go from blazing fast compilation, by more than simply bloging, to simple in design but infinite in possibilities with concepts like content types (not plain blog posts) and taxonomies).

4 reasons for slowing down on the grind and enjoying life

Every now and then you’ll have moments in your life here it feels way more difficult to to get focused and work. You try to force it but still end up procrastinating. It’s almost impossible to get in the flow, get more that an hour or two of straight work. I think possible reasons for that are, in my case at least, a new environment to adapt to, lack of routine, a bad diet, being in between two projects, no really motivating/interesting project, you could surely uncover more…

My Housing Situation

Nowadays I always try to consider all my options, especially including the uncommon ones, even more when it comes to lifestyle choices. At the moment I am torn apart in terms of choosing a place to live from. I have quite a few options, some common, some uncommon, some expensive, some cheap, some classy, some less desirable. I hope it gives you ideas of what is possible. Let’s explore some options you might be faced with:

Building a SaaS business is 20% code, 80% ...

As I am a developer first and foremost I can testify for myself falling in the trap of thinking naively: “I’ll just code up that great idea that would solve my current pain, 50 hours later, launch it and there it is, I have a business! Recurring revenue, here I come.”. Sadly, this is quite far from reality, and, I hope that by going through, even just the marketing material, of educational content like The Lean Startup, Traction, Starting and Sustaining, 7-day startup, Good to Great, Zero to One, Hooked, …, you get a sense for the size of the task at hand and the diversity of skills required to bring a SaaS business to profitability.