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Agile: Ideal vs. Reality

DISCLAIMER: This is the internet, a lot of people travel it’s seas. This article represents my own opinion based on my current/past work experience. It is ok if you disagree with me, it’s actually likely you will. I’d like to argue that nowadays many companies adopted Agile as their “software development methodology” but have greatly diverged from Agile’s original intent. Enough so that it’s gotten hard to even relate the original Agile manifesto with how startups build software.

Setting Goals

At time, months can seem to go by so fast. And months turn into years quick. We all dreamt of becoming X when younger. That X profession or occupation probably morphed over time. It became something less exciting but much more “realistic”. A similar thing happens with dreams and aspirations. Most people have some secret aspirations they daydream about from times to times. The problem is they feel so big, so imposing, so far away, out of our reach.

On Motivation

In this post we’ll discuss the 5 factors that increase intrinsic motivation and how by gradually losing those while working on a too big project, my motivation eventually grinded to halt so did my productivity and happiness. (TD;DR at the bottom) Introduction Motivation is tricky. For some people it’s mostly hovers a steady level most of days. But, it seems that for more entrepreneurial, driven, type A, win or nothing persons it looks a lot more like an epic roller coaster, it’s swayed up or down a lot more.

Text editor implementation as a programming ├ętude

If you’re a programmer yourself and are looking to improve your skills, I would like to propose to generally “deliberately practice” your craft, in the sense “repeatedly attack problems at the edge of you capabilities in an exercise context, not at work”. And, as finding personal project ideas can be quite tricky for some, I would like to propose implementing a text editor as a really good project choice. Now this proposition makes sense, in my opinion, because of the wide array of real hard problems related to so many different subjects of programming it has to offer.

Testing web applications made fast and easy

Many other content already discusses about the advantages of testing. The advice almost always goes something like this: “Testing won’t add much to development time but will save your ass more than once on bugs and that’s before they even reach your customers. Plus, it has the nice side effect of making you write cleaner code if you write tests before code”. I am here to talk about the two main pain-points developers have with writing tests, they are hard to write and lengthen the feedback loop (especially with large codebases).