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Text editor implementation as a programming ├ętude

If you’re a programmer yourself and are looking to improve your skills, I would like to propose to generally “deliberately practice” your craft, in the sense “repeatedly attack problems at the edge of you capabilities in an exercise context, not at work”. And, as finding personal project ideas can be quite tricky for some, I would like to propose implementing a text editor as a really good project choice.

Now this proposition makes sense, in my opinion, because of the wide array of real hard problems related to so many different subjects of programming it has to offer. Also, there are good chances it’s quite different from what you work on daily (a majority of programmers are knee deep in the web of mobile applications these days) hence, will feel like a playful, new and exciting project.

Now hold your horses as, implementing a complete text editor that can rival with you current one (even if it’s Notepad or ed(1)) is a really big task. Try to start by setting your eyes on implementing a subpart of a one first.

Now for ideas on sub-parts that you could aim for:

There a more smaller projects/parts that could be added to this list but at this point I would advise starting small but trying to build a complete editor and adding adding is all of those subparts together. Those first big goal being to be able to write the text editor with the new editor itself. :D

If you are interested in reading the implementation of a few toy editors with rather simple codebases you can look at:

Happy hacking & learning!