Full-stack developer building SaaS businesses
with Golang, Node.js and React.

What a technical co-founder brings to the table (and what he searches for in his partner)

For the past six years I have been mostly focusing on becoming an awesome developer, constantly learning new languages and technologies, working for a few different companies. But, the past month, everything changed, I became a consultant and started working on a per contract basis. And wow does that involve a whole new skill set: marketing, networking, designing my image, accounting, relationships, time tracking and plenty more!

As much as I adore the lifestyle it enables and the time I now have for side projects there is one oblivious truth that surfaces (don’t worry I am coming co-founders): I am far from being as productive, focused and growing of a programmer than before.

You see, those added responsabilities of running a business really occupy my mind, I have more trouble getting “in the zone”. Now this becomes even more prevalent when you add up the additional challenges/responsabilities of running a startup.

That is where, if you start a business with two partners, you have the advantage of the possibility of a clear separation in roles and a clear focused mind when at work. This especially important as a startups most valuable resource is time.

With that in mind,

The technical co-founder brings:

The other co-founder brings:

And, together they both:

TL; DR; For any startup time is their most valuable resource, it’s their life blood at the beginning, they need to optimize it’s usage. So, two partners starting a business should aim to maximize the time spent by the technical co-founder, head down, building their product. While, the other co-founder, aims to constantly readjust trajectory/features to fit client needs from feedback gathered and, more generally, build up traction, acquire new users.