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Prosty.io: Progress Report #1

Ho boy, what a week!

You know what? I did it, I launched it: Prosty.io is live!

Ok, it’s not as grand as I wanted it to be when I started this project 7 days ago, this is only a quickly put together landing page plus email list sign up. But, I said I would launch what I had on Friday and that’s me honoring what I said.

I have a bunch more designed and coded up but it’s still missing a lot of work to be a fully functional application.

The thing is:

1. I had a something pretty serious that approached “chronic fatigue syndrome” symptoms. I wasn’t able to be productive at anything all, I wanted to do was go take a nap or eat, always.

Seeing how serious it was decided to put an end to it and slept for a day and a half straight, waking up only to eat. That got me back on my feet. I begin to think I was simply really exhausted with all this travel, weather change, stress…

2. I also have client work to do and have been catching up after not doing much since I landed in Cracow 1 week ago.

I really believed this 7 day startup launch was possible if I focused on the minimum needed and stayed in a super-productive state, but, that didn’t happen.

So, let’s adjust the schedule and, following Amy Hoy’s ship by September challenge, Prosty.io will launch it’s fully-functional MVP no later than the 31st of August at midnight (EDT).

Where’s the progress report?

Yes, yes, it’s coming, as this title suggests I will start making these progress reports until I launch as I think it’s a really good motivator not to slow down or stop, studies proved it. Shall we start?

What has been accomplished

What is next

I am concentrating head down on making the initial client’s path work so:

Landing page -> Sign up -> Dashboard (/w on-boarding) -> Connect Stripe -> Dashboard (/w next on-boarding step) -> Create client -> Client page -> Create payment -> …

Like this the project makes progress in a structured way that is motivating as you know how far a potential user can already use your application. Plus, you are not working left and right on different parts not seeing any progress.

Parting notes

Sorry if you read my blog and didn’t find this post deeply interesting, I know fully that this article was mostly for me, don’t worry, I will write other posts that will be more educative/interesting that progress reports.