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On the importance on you physical health to your virtual world work

Health and more generally less technical subjects are not talked about that much among programmer (and more generally people working in front of a computer daily). Don’t you think this is a bit weird, the people who would get the most benefit out of good ergonomics and healthy habits are the least exposed to it. Although, this is changing slowly.

As you may have came to realize, taking care of your body and health is central to your daily mental performance, focus and tiredness, in terms, impacting your happiness doing your work.

This blog post is a try at putting together a short list of simple habits / things to look out for daily to instantly improve your health.

For most of the items that follow, the very best way to approach implementing one of them in your daily life is to track whether or not you followed them using a spreadsheet.

habits spreadsheet

(I just started doing so not so long ago and it really helps)

Read up on the Bulletproof Diet it’s not so far from the Paleo Diet, only, with a little bigger list of food to avoid and tons more good fats (especially butter). To explain it quickly, it’s a diet that promotes mainly eating raw foods, so, a lot of vegetables and meat in enough quantities so that you aren’t hungry anymore, plus, it add a special concoction called bullet proof coffee and promotes fasting from 8pm to 12-13 the next day, only having that special coffee for breakfast. Benefits range from: easy to stick with as everything is yummy, makes you loose fat with almost no workout and feeds your body all the best. The best part is that it’s built on years of scientific research and bio-hacking not on common sense, grandma’s saying of companies marketing efforts.

Stand up and stretch, move around a little, do jumping jacks, push ups each 30 minutes. Your body will thanks you 100 times in the long run, plus, your focus will be instantly improved.

Next up is a really general “no non-sense”, “the less the merrier”, list of things to avoid as much as possible (here tracking with a spreadsheet really helps staying accountable).

No PMO; In other words stop watching porn, masturbating and orgasming as often as you do at the moment. Again, a lot of research has gone into this and you wont believe the consequences of doing it / benefits of abstaining. You may have heard of the nofap movement on reddit, well it’s not so far from that but applied to anybody. A good source of information on this subject is a website/book called Your Brain On Porn.

Meditate daily, meta-cognition really helps you improve. Here, HeadSpace helps.

Writing or journaling as this meta-cognition moment when you are writing makes you internalize the lessons you had during the day, the new things you learned and realize what progress you did.

Reading, more generally learning constantly.