Full-stack developer building SaaS businesses
with Golang, Node.js and React.

Kickoff: Prototyping, Launching, and maybe killing products

State of things

Howdy, I have been silent for the past two months while busy with slowly stepping down from my past job at Busbud. Spending time with my family. Moving out of my really nice Mile-End Montreal flat. And attending a conference (GopherCon 2015).

This month marks the beginning of my journey in the waters of consulting, perpetual travelling and building products for real. I have been interested in startups and entrepreneurship, I read tons of books along the road but never really acted on it. So many authorities keep saying “just start”, “start NOW”, “then, keep at it” and I always listened but never acted. Now that I don’t have a full time employer and have a more flexible schedule, the time is NOW!


My goals are not do 12 startups in 12 months or any other number, what I really want is to get 1 product “ramen profitable”, I want to be able to live on the MRR of a SaaS application I built. I define this by 2500$USD coming in monthly, enough to live minimally in most Europe.


I know it’s going to be hard.

I know there is a long road ahead.

I know the SaaS growth ramp is slow one.

I know it’s maybe 20% development 80% sales, marketing, design, hustling…

What I am aiming for is to get really good at prototyping product really quickly, a bit like what Makeshift.io is doing, being a startup studio. At first, I aim at a rate of 1 application a month. I have to take into account that I will need to be doing some contracts, write blog posts, promote myself, market the products all at the same time.

I’ll keep you posted over here or on Atriumph’s blog!