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Yackathon post-mortem

We can really feel winter is the hackathon season, in the past few months I’ve been to quite a few meet-ups, Startup Weekend Sherbrooke, Startup Weekend Quebec, skipped on attending Startup Weekend Education Montreal, just been to Yackathon and am going to Hack McGill (21-22 February) and Startup Weekend Trois-Rivieres (27-1st March).

As you can figure out I like attending to those kind of events. For me they are great occasions to eat good food while hacking away super concentrated, plus, meet and teach to nice people all while learning new things cause it’s really a nice occasion to push the limits of your knowledge, use that new technology you don’t get to use at work.

But, most importantly, it’s a great occasion to have tons of fun. And fun must be the goal you come in with and the priority you keep all weekend long. Then if you get to win, improve and be productive, great!

What’s is the Yackathon

Yackathon was the fist hackathon organized by Yelp to be opened to the community. Yelp has had a strong hacking culture from the start and has already done 15 hackathons internally and now they decided on trying it out with the community of hackers out there.

And so they happened to choose Montreal, where I live at the moment, as a test bed for their first! Even though they don’t have an office over here. Our tech community must have positive press, :) I hope we didn’t make them regret their choice.

What went well and what didn’t

So having done a few of those in the past year I am getting to know what to keep in mind and focus on but hey perfection is an illusion, I still have to work on few things.

On the plus side

On the downside

Is there a difference between a Hackathon and a Startup Weekend?

Yes, there is one! And quite a big one, in fact, I’d say the biggest difference is that a Hackathon is a lot more technical and focused on the outcome, the final product as a Startup Weekend welcomes all kind of people including a good quantity of non technical folks which leads to projects rarely getting finished and pitches with slides are the main results of those weekends. Nonetheless both are worth attending and interesting for programmers out there.

Although, now I have tasted to more technical focused events, I think I’ll try to prefer those over Startup Weekends, and attend to more of them. I feel like I accomplish more my goals being coding oriented.