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Pomodoro for programmers

This post is about the pomodoro technique, is short it’s a method of time management that aims at helping you get more done by focusing on one things at the time. It goes as follows:

Now, there is a lot of good in this method and it is helpful for accomplishing all kinds of work, heck there are even Kickstarter projects selling you timers ans sand-glasses for this, but the point I want to make is, that it is not necessarily that well suited for programmers.

Let me explain myself, what pomodoro solves if getting to concentrate on one thing for 25 minutes blocks but this something I have no problem doing as a programmer, when I get in the zone I ignore being hungry, sleepy, needing to pee, and other distractions and can simply work hyper focused for few hours, that is, given an interesting project I wish to work on (really important). Then, if I happened to take a break and browse a bit on-line, read an article or two, boom! focus totally broken, I venture for few minutes, which quickly become half and hour and then when I drag myself back to the task I started I just wish I knew what was hiding behind those 3 little hyper-links I say before switching back to the terminal.

Actually, I thing this observation comes down to: when not able to concentrate and when you have multiple small tasks of about 30 minutes / an hour to accomplish, OR, a big task that you don’t really want to work on, pomodoro really helps. But, when you work on a super interesting project and you are fully motivated, taking breaks only hinder you, anyways you don’t event want those breaks right?

Well that’s my take on it!