Full-stack developer building SaaS businesses
with Golang, Node.js and React.

New job, new friends, new projects, new dedication

Yes, this blog post is about me starting a new job. I have been hired as Full-stack web developer at Busbud, working of various internal apps, their api and helping them pursue their vision!

Not so long ago (1 month back) I was leaving my job at Anekdotes but don’t be mislead I took the time to ensure that where I was going to work next was really a place where I wished working for and at.

That month or two where I was “un-employed” went away SO fast. I made sure to fill them up with meeting nice people, hanging out in co-working space’s, attending events in Montreal’s tech scene and working on and MVP for a startup.

Busbud came out, compared to other contenders:

Here starts a new chapter, ONWARD!