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My 5 new year resolutions

Ok, ok I admit new year is 2 months away or 10 months past, depends on how you see it. Nevertheless, now is the time I make those resolutions because now is a good time, I am starting new chapter with a new job, why not bring in few long overdue habits with me.

In the past year or so and while on a big trip to Belgium, I had time to think, think a lot and read a lot about top performers, the power of habits, entrepreneurs, etc. and those heavily forged the following resolutions:

As much as you were baited to this post by the number in it’s title, I will be more inclined to follow my new goals if they were clearly defined and quantified, so I will do so.

  1. Establish the habit of waking up at 6am on weekdays no excuses. I find that waking up early and doing things sooner in the day leads to a much more woken, conscious, happy, enjoyful, fulfilling day. On top of that it make room for the following.

  2. Come up with a simple exercise routine that takes 30min, is not dependent on the weather and do it every morning right after waking up. I might find myself in good shape but my health is suffering every day that I am sure of, humans were not designed to sit still 7 hours a day and more. And, I am doing a poor job at helping it fulfill this necessity, I love running and I love cycling but those require more preparation and time to do, so 30 minutes workout in the morning has more chances of becoming an habit and is already a magnitude of difference compared to nothing.

  3. Never stop learning, continue reading books and experimenting with new technologies. This is where all my value as a hiree lies and I have done this naturally since I started programming. But, I want it to be a priority for me: not loose sight of this. I don’t want to get a job and then sit comfortably on what I acquired up to then. Technology is moving so fast, reading new interesting stuff is infinite and learning is joyful!

  4. Keep putting myself out there: going to events, working on open source projects, blogging more often. Recently I have been attending to plenty of small tech events in Montreal, worked in co-working spaces, programmed on open source projects and blogged a little more than usual, all this in the goal of finding the perfect new job and having more choices and meeting new people. I don’t want this to stop, it add a lot of value to my life, so, I commit myself to:

    • 1 event per month
    • 1 git commit every day
    • 4 blog posts per month
  5. Practice Piano 30 minutes a day. This is a minimum that I can impose myself, I would like to say 2 hours but that would result in me simply not doing it. I have played piano in the past and love it so much, at least the result of practice. So I start with only 30 minutes but I really want to live up to it, playing music is really good for the human brain, and, so pleasant. And no tricks here! There is no shortcut to talent other that hard and countless hours of practice.

There let’s see how it goes. I might post and follow up article for new year :P