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The PHP repugnance fallacy

When I pronounce the 3 letters, PHP, in front of all kinds of languages affectionados, rubyists, pythonistas, javascripters but also in front of full time PHP developers there is that sudden disgust apearing in their face.

Hey, it’s 2014, wake up. And you PHP developer, don’t be ashamed, stand straight and be proud and back up your everyday language.

… ok, sorry, that was maybee a bit strong …

There is nuance to be made with that statement:

PHP has changed a lot and it now has various really well written packages and really cool evangelists, community leaders and production apps using it, nice language featuresgetting released but,

buuut, it has a bad reputation beacuse of few things, the language has not evolved well and has no real future plans, people don’t upgrade to the latest version fast, a lot of opensource codebases support legacy features / don’t adopt new syntax but more importantly, 90% of google searches related to PHP yields decade old answers with bad practices leading beginners in writing aweful code.

I agree that few years ago PHP was not looking good but nowadays you can build about any applications as you would in Ruby, Python or Node.js.

That’s it! End of rant. Have a great day, enjoy your good coffee/tea, think about other prejudices.