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Time for: Getting down to business

This post is about moving on and things to come! Two weeks ago I quitted my job. This has been a hell of a ride uphill and I have learned tons about clients, e-commerce, SEO, caring for UX and thinking about feature you build, managing projects and expectations. Apart from that, while working at Anekdotes and going to school I worked on plenty of personnal projects and read tons to improove my web developper skills. I have always been passionate and amazed at how much the tech world has to offer in terms of learning opportinities! I love it!

But today, I feel like there more I could do, I read more and more about business, startups, and lifestyle design and all that vibes in unison with the way I think and what I wish to do. So what comes next is more learning oppotunities, meeting alot of new people and working on projects I am passionate about.

I once read a blog post from Adii Pienaar that listed the 5 steps to becoming a better entrepreneur:

Starting is scary but necessary

The most difficult step you have to overcome is: Actually kicking your own ass and Starting. Quitting my first real job and the people I have worked with and became friends with was not an easy decision, but I had hints that thing was to way to go: projects were more and more borring, promises were being broken about fun projects, development time and augmentations, plus, I just finished college. So, from today, I will be focusing on:

Working with your strengths and passions

Yes, everybody has strengths and passions and those are what makes you unique and those are what you are good at, so use them! Fully embody them! If you are still uncertain of what those are in your case then start searching and keep this thought in the back of your head. Once you know what are your forces, work with them, leverage them and knowing what are your weeknesses, work around it, join forces with somebody who completes you.

Need to build a personnal brand

Whatever venture you jump in or company you work at, keep in mind that what you have left after failing or quiting your job is only yourself, yourself and how people percieve you.

Tech startups is for anybody

Anybody can build a startup, whatever your current job title, learning and building your own prototype is possible.

Nowadays there is more and more courses and websites that are simply GREAT for beginning programming, there is even those new hip bootcamps that can train you and learn you web development or building mobile apps in 12 weeks or so. I don’t think those render you in a senior programmer but they surely allow you to build a minimal product and help you test your ideas!

It’s is simply awesome that the barrier to entry in tech is now so low that anybody can enter it or at least comprehend it. So here are few site suggestions: Code School, Treehouse, Codecademy, Khan Academy, Lynda

Don’t become a startup hipster

There is an balance to keep between work and life. Nowaday people in startups are working so hard they almost kill anything that is not their startup: relationships, family, fun, travel, reading even their own body. But, keeping good habits regarding sleep, diet and time spent with friends and family is crucial to your success.

Burnout is very real and overworking yourself will simply make you less and less productive. So get those 8 hours of sleep and take care of yourself, life is plenty of fun things to enjoy that will only help you be more creative during your workday.