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Boring tech is the best tech

Wait second you might say! Boring tech that seems boring… I think can convince you of the opposite. This post is about shiny new technologies and when you should use them.

When your team decides to use some seemingly old technology you might not be aware but it all kind of benefits: everybody knows how it works, the tooling availble is the best, when you run into bugs there plenty of information on it in the inter-webs and, the best part, you actually get things done during your day! Isn’t that the best? Actually getting features done and delivering a world class stable product!

When you should use new tech

But there needs to be a point where new tech becomes old, right? Well there are plenty of cases and good occasions to use and learn new technologies. Hurray!

Side projects

When working on fun side projects it’s the perfect place to use all the new shiny things! Seriously, experience with new stuff you think might be useful at work, yes you will spend time reading docs and chasing obscure bugs and whishing for better tooling but the fun you’ll have using the newest out there will outweight it greatly. Keep in mind along the way the ways you could us this at work and that if this happens you will be that technology’s advocate and the teacher of all your colleges.

Internal applications

This is in the middle of personnal side-projects and production code, is the place for new tech to begin, if you really see benefits in using X technology, start by integrating it in internal tooling. Your business can live with thoses apps being down for few hours, it wont affect clients and revenue. Test it out here and be sure that colleges follow and learn along the way if you wish to use this tech in production later.

Production applications

This is where you should always default to boring tech. You will get the most benefits of avoiding new tech in production. As said earlier it will help you concentrate and be productive when working on features and avoid loosing time on bugs, securirty, lack of tooling and learning how it works under the hood.

If you happen to settle on using a new technology do it:

With this in mind, go win over the world and smile to others!