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On startup world for programmers with day jobs

Have you ever found yourself wishing to start a company, not that your job is boring or not paid enough, you just feel like working on a product that you really love, that would fix a problem you see every day and goes without any solution. It might even just be the risks, adventures and friendships comming with it.

Before you start anything I suggest you to read, read all you can, and think, take special time to meditate. Not that this is a really difficult decision but, it is important not to plunge yourself into something, spend all your free time (that used to be family time) in building something you don’t even know about.

Building a startup involves a lot more than just hacking away for two months and comming up with a working prototype. After all this will have to pay enough so you can afford a living so think twice, is it a viable idea, is there a market for it, can I build it or does it require the help of someone extern, will I have to hire someone from day 1 beacuse you miss some specific skill.

But now, let’s say you have a rock solid idea, I’d suggest stop and find a co-founder, yes it may seem like a major turn off but, really small is the number of companies started by one person, they at least had a really close mentor to help them during the journey. Having a co-founder will not only prove that somebody else has the same passion to solve the problem you are trying to solve but you will also have someone being there to bring you back on the right path if ever you start thinking to big, going off road or starting to add useless features.

Like Phil Libin founder of Evernote said at startup school 2013:

Don’t even make friends with people you wouldn’t start a company with.