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The benefits of a team chat

You team might be remote or not at all, you might be 3 or 300, you might be a poor startup with nothing in the coffers or a rich established business, in any case you will find many benefits in adopting a teamchat.

When added to a team the team chat becomes an asynchronous way of asking questions to colleges, you can simple pm (personnal message) them and get an get an answer later without the need to get up & go to their desk. The main advantage of this is the asynchronous nature or these questions, the fact the if you are “in the zone” you can just ignore the pm for now and answer it later, event if later means in 2 minutes.

An other interesting facet of team chats are the ability to create chat rooms for different topics this gives everybody a place to discuss about one specific topic or project. You will get used to post quick qustions or info in rooms and get instant feedback from everybody involved, this is a real killer to 15 minutes meeting to “get everybody on the same page”.

Except from simple text communication major enterprise chats have … wait for it … emoticons! And plenty of them, you will most likley have a room named “fun” or “cats” or simply “<the name of your company>” and that is ok, that genre of room filled with tastyful GIFs and pictures act’s as your new watercooler, people checking when the want to be distracted a little bit and have a good laught.

Lastly a feature that greatly improved the speed at which we collaborate at Anekdotes is the file upload feature, men, passing around files to coworkers has never been easier. I can’t imagine going back to copying files on a USB stick or putting in on a shared folder and going to a coworker’s desk to show him where to find the file in question.

That’s all I got, trust me it helped us be a lot more productive communication wise.

As for which solution we use, we began with HipChat from Atlassian but the moved to Slack as soon as it came out.