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Building grassy

So, as a lot of open-source projects start, I decided to build something to fulfill one of my needs. A blog engine. Yes I know there is already plenty of those, but not the one’s I wanted. There is about one new JavaScript slider that comes out every day (almost) even if there is already thousands of them. If a new slider comes out it is because still could’t find one that met his needs.

Here is the idea, I wished for a simple database backed blogging engine. The main reason for this is the ability to edit posts and publish content on the go. I am often away from home or on school computer and wished to jot down few paragraphs. So, here it it’s, the first version is functional.

It’s on GitHub : Grassy repo

It is still a rough draft but I hope that with few contributions from the open source community we can make this a this for Ruby loving developpers.