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Open source, I'm jumping in!

I never really committed code to any open source repo until today. I knew git and GitHub, heck I even used it every day! But even knowing and reading about how gratifying contributing to open source is I never had the chance to jump in.

So what changed today? I was looking at the news of the startup world, or at least what they want me to know and stumbled upon that startup called Balanced Dashboard. Then I figured out they had a pretty cool model based on really open source, their most current iteration of the product is always publicly available on GitHub! What this bring is a lot of advantages, like instant feedback from the community, growing visibility, help from the open source community on bugs and testing! Reading the Lean Startup book those are all beneficial thing you should try to attain as soon as possible. I’am sure the feedback they are getting really helps them focus on the important features for their end users.

Anyway, what bring me to do a first commit was that they did something that I haven’t seen elsewhere, in Balanced Dashboard repo issues they left really simple issues to solve with a tag of n00b, specifically mentioning in the contribution guidelines that theses were to be solved by new comers of open source beginners! WHAT A GREAT IDEA!

To sum up, I jumped in the bandwagon and hope to find a project that matches my skills do commit more often on projects. Even if you don’t commit code, the knowledge you get from reading well written code in these repo’s it is invaluable.