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Passion and programmers

Passion is something that defines a good part of how good you are as a programmer. That I know for sure. I hear you saying, ok but explain yourself! I’ll be glad to do so, at the point I am in my education, I have been aside professional programmers to become for two years, students like me. I see a little bit where every one is going and I see the end of what my school will learn me.

This is were I start talking about passion, of what I have seen of technology scholarships, the totality of what you will learn in three years at college will only account for a tiny percentage of what you will use in your job (just to be clear, I have one).

There is so much to see, so many branches to programming, so many possibilities. When you will get out of school and decide to do either: Artificial intelligence, Web applications, Front end engineering, Game development, Database administration, SharePoint Dynamics and BI you will be confronted to many unknowns. And the secret to mastering those is passion, will to go and spend nights figuring out new technologies, debugging even the simplest tutorial code, and learning a new syntax. But all of it will be worth it, and it won’t be boring at all! I can tell you it will the best spent hours of your programmers life. Because passion drives you, that feeling of learning, accomplishing something, becoming better will make you feel good! You will go on.

I have been floating in the world of the web for now four to five year, I have seen a lot of things, and still have so much to see. And all those hours I spent on searching, trying out and debugging, those hours made up the knowledge I have today of the web. You can’t even start to imagine the feeling it makes, even just knowing you are able to shape up an idea, a product, a website in mere hours.

This blog post is turning more in an ode to the world of web, but the message I am trying pass is that learning comes out of passion and when you get out of school you will know almost nothing. Nothing else than in what sector of programming you wish to work, and then again. I am not saying put away your social life, but I say, if you are any serious with that programming thing, read, learn, hack, at least a little bit every night.

Our world is a fast paced one and new things come out every day!

If you are in search for interesting reads or subjects to study here is a list:




That is what I am reading now, if I find out more interesting stuff I will either add them here or link them in other separate posts.