Full-stack developer building SaaS businesses
with Golang, Node.js and React.

The thing about learning

I can’t really speak for other domains but, of what I know, in the IT domain you need to keep learning, constantly.

It’s not required from your boss, you won’t be paid for it, but, at the pace the web and the technology world evolves, you will be behind many others in even just 6 months. That is why you need to see those hours spent a home learning new stuff or just keeping yourself updated like an investment.

That said you need to make it fun, as evrything in life. If it bothers you in anyway to pickup a programming book or read blog posts and follow tutorials you are doing it wrong.

So here are, from my point of view, the prerequisites:

A love for your domain, what you do
may it be managing servers, designing or programming

Being the best at your current job is not enough. you can mesure yourself to the whole world (wide web)

Yes I know everything needs your precious time but you need to make some, same thing as for your exercising you’ll never go jog if you do not reserve it a time in your day. Do the same for learning.

Following the same mindset here is what I am learning right now:

I am still a complete beginner but having done the complete outside-in technique with cucumber and RSpec in the context of an API endpoint I can clearly see the benefits of it. (as explained here)